Jun. 1st, 2013

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the good thing about readyin' a roleplay account that you really reall ywanna use is that you're gettin closer to your goal and more likely to actually app because you're a sissy little twat

the bad thing is that you keep gettin this urge to watch the movie you're iconning from.

damn you Skandar Keynes /shakes fist

but really. i'm makin' a Nico di Angelo journal over here, and it's a lotta work. i have like, 200 icons chosen so far. 200! and a lotta them are kinda grubby and not very clear. i have that movie, I actually bought Prince Caspian, so...i could icon them and crop them how i want. but. BUT.
that's roughly 150 icons of work. that'll take me months. MONTHS. i'm so much better with editing black-and-white images, because for icons, i just overlay them with a layer of solid color and make it a certain setting to make it ~pretty~ like this

i'm particularly proud of that one. if you take it and are lost and actually reading this then credit me, it takes for-freakin-ever to make these, and the process is long and strenuous. an artist always likes credit for their work. THat was for Loki, btw. [personal profile] trickstrbeams I had him at LJ too, but...obviously i changed plans.


if you're lookin for somethin fun and PJO-y that is likely to not be active for another month, check out [personal profile] ognesperanza. I had especial fun editing his two banners.



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