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oops. i think i have a new favorite musical artist. Sam Tsui is great. i first heard him in "Make It Up," but i've just downloaded his album that goes with that song, and then i clicked open "Shadow" thinking 'oh hey it'll be a Nico song, shadows, cool'

i was wrong

i think

but damn his voice is great. --oh, nevermind. "your shadow is still there it's something i can't's still there from yesterday can you leave me alone, i'm trying to forget you" wait....... that's not right.... "when you took it all you forgot your shadow" okay...... Calypso? no, i'm trying too hard. ANYWAY

Sam Tsui officially ties with--no okay, he is second to Adam ... uh. Owl City. because Adam sings about all the things i love except for books, and it is great. and maybe keys. but the main, whimsical things that i love he loves too. and he writes songs about it! catchy, lovely, techno songs and i love it.

anyway. short little psa: i don't care that i talk strangely, and that other people (apparently, according to some people) become uncomfortable around me because i think before i say nearly anything, and i formulate my sentences before they come out, and i end up not sounding natural--well, i don't care. because Castiel gets along fine. and the Doctor is strange. and all the half-bloods are weird and they get along fine, except for the whole death thing. but i'm not going to try to stop using words like "whimsical" just because people apparently don't use them anymore. i'm not going to change how i interract with people just because i would be more sociable and would have more friends if i acted like everyone else. you can take your speech patterns, i don't care.

because i'm strange, and i own it. and i don't need to try to pretend to be someone else, because i still make friends the way i am. and if i lose them, then that's fine. that's life. i'll get more.

fuh. the world needs more strange people, and our skies need more kids with wings. i am one of those kids with wings. and i don't fuckin care that i'm not of kid-age anymore; i'm a kid at heart and i own it. so. fuck the whole wide world

apparently i think about deep, personal things when i read fan-made Supernatural jokes
i want to watch Supernatural
but i'm going to watch Clone Baby instead
i'm glad i didn't post this on plurk this would've been embarrassing and stupid and de-railed

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