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Aug. 30th, 2013 01:31 pm
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i just had the weirdest coolest dream ever. Friday is off, and last night i slept in my bed for the first time in two days. aw yeah. and, well okay, it wasn't the weirdest, and i KNOW i've had cooler dreams. but still, this was pretty damn cool.

it started as an Ed, Edd n' Eddy dream. i was flying over a grassy, tree-pecked suburb--well, sailing, really. a diagonal T stretched out below me, and I saw two kids running in opposite directions down the shorter part of the T, to my left. i thought, "Aw, they're venturing out of their street. Unless that way is the cul-de-sack..."

I glided down until i was barely hovering, and I looked down to my left. house upon house lined the street, bikes and mailboxes and cars. i turned to my right, and sure enough, there was the cul-de-sack. all the kids were out in it, and it was just as chaotically organized as ever. fucking Ed, Edd & Eddy, guys.

next thing i knew, i was climbing the bridge of a playground, talking to this girl. (It was probably Sarah.) we were talking about getting a whole bunch of kids together to plan something... but I don't remember exactly what. I remember i thought, "wait, no, I'm supposed to be Eddy, i'm being too nice. ...aw fuck it, this can be a self-insert. let's have fun with it." But i wasn't thinking that it was a dream! I just knew that i wasn't me. i don't exactly remember what I did with them, but I know it was fun.

my dream changed to something different altogether. in this shift, i was myself, wandering a jam-packed high school. this high school was ginormous, man. the halls were always busy, and i didn't step one foot into a classroom. wanna know why?

we were all dead.

i climbed the stairs, which were more like those stairs in hotels with cement walls and dirty floors and shitty railings, like they're just waiting for you to fall to your death. kids were everywhere, slowly climbing the steps. freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior, all going up (and probably down) the stairs. i elbowed my way through, getting dirty looks from a few of them. as i climbed, i narrated a la Mean Girls style.

"It's funny, I've done it a million different ways. Sometimes, I even start out popular. But in the end, it always ends up the same. Sure, it happens a little differently every time. But my ending is always the same.

"They kill me."

I got to the top of the staircase and braved the halls. lockers lined both sides, and a thick crowd of kids shuffled this way and that. just a normal high school hallway between classes. but no one opened a classroom door. only a few cliques stood in the hall, annoyingly blocking the way as they talked. it was a high school with a million set destinations, but no final bell of the day.

"Whether it was a lynch mob, or they pushed me in front of a car, or hung me over the stairs outside the gym emergency exit; I always die. Enemy number one.

"We're all dead, so I guess it's not that bad. But try being the most hated kid in school for all eternity. It seriously sucks."

I rounded a corner to my left and finally came to it. three built guys blocked the hallway, standing like guards. a smaller kid pushed past me and slipped right by Macho Guards 1, 2, and 3. Meat Head 3 let him through. I started after him, because i know i was chasing him. I don't remember who he was, couldn't remember. but I knew I had to get past those guys, somehow, some way, some day.

the three guys moved to morph into a wall again, standing in my way. I looked up at them and sighed, hands raised in surrender. I didn't want to start a fight, and there was no way i would win against three muscle heads. as i turned to walk away, a skinny boy was briskly walking toward them. he was prepared to run head-long into a beating. i grabbed his elbow as he passed and spun him around.

"Whoa, kid. Come on, let's go. Don't wanna die today," I said as i led him away. he scowled, but he didn't say anything.

from behind me, a voice called, "Hey, you."

i turned as any super popular kid does to "Hey, you." I leaned back to peek around the corner again. Through the crowd, I could see Meat Head #2, blonde and kindly holding out a tray of stacked fruits. lime green, pink, and yellow slices were stacked together and topped with a dab of whipped cream. he said, "Take one."

those fruits looked seriously delicious. i picked one up, the whipped cream getting on my fingers. a small, surprised smile crossed my features. "Thanks."

i walked down the hall again and took a bite. damn, it really was seriously delicious. sugary as all hell, just as i liked it. the kid i had saved from certain death was still standing in the hallway. he was probably a freshman from how tiny he was. he frowned at me.

"What's that?" he asked.

"He gave it to me. Here, want some?" I held out the creamy mess.

"What, really? Sweet, yeah! Thanks," he said cheerfully before taking it, getting whipped cream all over his red gloves. huh, weird. he was wearing a long, red jacket and red gloves... was he a Grell cosplayer? What was he doing in the school? Huh, whatever.

we walked together until we found ourselves on the sidewalk outside the front of the school. the front edge of the property and as far as we could go. the American flag flapped at the top of the pole in the middle of the drop-off U for cars and buses. we walked down the sidewalk, staying off the street. we knew we couldn't make it to the flag, even. it was there, mocking us.

"You know, why don't we have cars?" the boy asked.

"I know, right? We're in high school dammit, we should have cars!"

as I said it, we approached a light blue truck parked out front. it was just sitting there, abandoned, though it looked like it was someone's slightly beat-up ride to school just yesterday. (Did the objects not age, same as us? This was seriously weird and giving me a serious headache.)

i stared into the rear-view through the truck's back window. It wasn't too long ago... I saw three kids in the mirror, all sitting in the truck bed. a young boy with a blue cap pulled angrily over his head. a girl with wild, black hair and dark skin. another boy with sun-dulled red hair getting into his eyes and a shy smile. his eyes were green, i thought to myself. i was looking into the ghost of a memory.

a bright light in the corner of the mirror shocked me out of my reverie. it was a person-shaped mass of light, and it was approaching fast. i quickly looked behind me.

"Hey, we should go."

when I turned back to the mirror, she was staring back from it. a young girl with a thin light all around her. messy, wild black hair and dark skin. dark, brown eyes. and she had her arm around the neck of the kid I was with, her other hand in his hair.

"It really has been a while, brother," the glowing girl said. but I knew who she was. it was Hazel. and I didn't know why or how she was there, all but strangling the kid. the boy struggled, confused and angry. Hazel looked up at me with sad eyes, and i realized her hold on him looked more like a sister about ready to give her little brother a good noogie. but wow her grip was strong. though the kid was really scrawny.

"Let me go!"

The girl, Hazel, opened her mouth to say something to him, but I interrupted. "What are you doing here?"

"Just here to see my little brother. Isn't that right, Nico?"

And sure enough, the kid in the mirror, the kid standing next to me was Nico di Angelo in all his aviator jacketed, messy black-haired glory. And dear Jesus, i realized i had never once looked at the kid's face as i was walking with him. what the fuck?


Suddenly, i wasn't in high school anymore. i was me, though slightly older and more filled out, walking up the steps of a tower. a man led the way up, talking about some mission in an entirely professional manner. i tried to fill the shoes of Natasha Romanoff, but it was seriously hard. I was just not that kept-together and cool, not to mention cool-headed. so i was basically just me, with a different face.

we reached the top of the tower, and i immediately went to the edge to look out. i could barely see over the ridge, but for some reason i had brought a plastic lawn chair. i refused to use it though, because that would just be demeaning. on the other side of the chair stood a man with a full head of hair (so he was already higher on the list than Mr. Professional) and a bow slung over his shoulder. and damn, was he fine. I knew the moment i locked eyes with him. It was Hawkeye, man. Jeremy Renner's Clint fucking Barton. hell yeah.

the moment he looked at me, he looked away and said, "Sit down." immediately i knew i wasn't actually Natasha, but damn if i wasn't picturing me being pretty. i tried to smile at him flirtatiously, because damn, but i could tell i didn't do a very good job. dreams being better than "real life" my ass.

i stayed standing and tried to form the words, "I prefer to speak to people who are on my level, thank you," but fuck if i couldn't get them out of my throat. Hawkeye is hot, okay? it's hard to talk.

Mr. Profession, who by now i'm sure you can guess was Phil Coulson, stood on my right, and Hawkeye before me. Clint moved to my other side and looked out over the tower's edge. he was reading a report, but for some reason i was too damn short to see over the paper.

Coulson was reading something out loud, but I wasn't really listening. (Sorry, Coulson.) instead i was getting this sinking, worried feeling, like i was cornered. Clint again told me to sit down, and I think i said, "No thanks." but i wasn't really paying attention to what I was saying. I was too busy looking for a better escape route than the door that was beyond Clint's shoulder. Coulson's demeanor was off, and he wasn't making any kind of side comments. and Clint wasn't making any kind of jokes at all. the tension rose, so I sat down, gaze going between them both. as Coulson continued to read the mission report, it started to sound more like a eulogy. and it was my funeral.

i stood and Clint looked up. i stared right into his eyes, and I knew. Not good.

my next breath I was rolling through the door and leaping down the steps. I yelled over my shoulder, "Sorry you're hot!!" Just as the top of the tower exploded into a fiery death. i ran down the steps. the door into the outside world was right below me. the ceiling was crumbling, the stairs behind me rumbling and falling away as i ran. fire followed me.

and then there was nothing.


aaaaaand that's where my dream ended. it figures i had to be me and not Nico di fuking Angelo. but hey, it was a fun-ass dream. and the high school thing, the beginning part anyway, could totally be a story i write. iiiiiii like it.

i'm gonna end it there now though, cuz even though I can't see the time on my new ASUS without swiping to the desktop, i'm sure it's like 2:30pm or 3. yeah, i slept in, so sue me.

'til next time.
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