Sep. 17th, 2013 02:20 pm
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wow, I am really angry for some reason and I don't know why...

also, whoa, IE. you're capitalizing I automatically. weird...

I guess I don't really have anything else to say. I was freaking out this morning so I skipped my first class.... (man this really doesn't look like my typing quirk because all the i's are capitalized. aw well, too lazy to log in on chrome)

I need to buy groceries... waiting for my two Camp t-shirts, my drachma, two prints, and... I think that's it--to come in the mail. excited for thatttttttt

this is just gonna be a crummy day. I need to work on cleaning out my apartment so that it feels less crummy in here. I think that's the problem. I never did clear out my bedroom. now that I've put my posters up, it feels better in there. once I get it cleared out, I can work on one corner at a time. my living room will look like shit, but I don't care anymore... no one comes over anyway. I don't have a/c, so Lyss never wants to come over. and the messiness drives her crazy, and I don't have room for my stuff, so the futon is always covered. even though I clear it off like, weekly... i'm just a messy person I guess

ughhhhhhhhh. I hate feeling like this......... maybe if I cleared out the area around my piano, and I could play, I would feel better. okay. so I have two goals today: clear my room out, and unbury my keyboard. sounds like a plan.

I gotta do something productive, every day... I gotta.

in other news, I really really love Tony Chachere's creole and Cajun spices. it's so incredibly fake but god it's so, so good. and now my mouth is burned... worth it.


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