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this is a tale of boyfriends, time-management and the lack of its existence, forgetfulness, my future, college problems, and just general suckitude.

as some of my friends know, I had a date this Saturday. (Yesterday, that is.) I spent like...from 6pm to 6am with this guy. that was WAYYYYY longer than I was planning, but after my friends decided we were going to the skating place AND bowling, and then watching a movie, they went to bed and one movie turned into watching Rise of the Guardians twice and Prisoner of Azkaban once. then I went home and slept at 7am. which sucked. I had fun! and the only issue I had with him was a) his breath WREAKED. and I mean wreaked, it was horrid, and b) he wouldn't stop tickling me, and I HATE that shit. I've stopped hanging out with FRIENDS for doing that, and I told him as much. HE HASN'T STOPPED. but other than that we had fun, and he was alright on his roller blades, and he was nice enough to stay behind for me and skate with me while his friend was ahead of us showing off. so that was cool! and I went home exhausted and did my routine night stuff, and passed out.

the next morning, I get a text from Ly telling me to get my ass out of bed and come over. it was 10am. I didn't even wake up a little. at noon I woke up to my phone--Karkat--screaming at me that I had like a billion texts. they had apparently been waiting for me to go over so that "they," so says Ian, my boyfriend, could go to Space Aliens. mind you, Ly never even mentioned Space Aliens and just told me snippishly--yes, IE, I meant what I said and I said what I meant, not snappishly at all--that they've been waiting for hours for me. so I finally get out of bed with five hours of sleep, get dressed, and drive over.

and they're not there.

I look at my texts, and I had gotten one not five minutes earlier that they had left without me because T (Ian's and Ly's friend, and my ex, and now my friend too) had gotten impatient. so, frustrated, I drive over to Space Aliens. which is right next to my apartment. wonderful.

but! there, we had a good time. we ate delicious food, Ian only poked me in the side a little, and I glared at him, and it was mostly all good. (I stood up for myself! I didn't smile even a little and said, dead serious, "If you keep poking me in the side like that, I'm not going to want to sit next to you." But because he doesn't take anything seriously, he laughed it off. that's going to be a problem...we'll see if I can get him to understand how that's not cool.)

and so we had fun in the arcade, and that was that. I said good-bye to Ian and T, and an implied good-bye to Ly because psshhh whatever, i'll probably see her sometime during the week. (NOT watching Walking Dead with her tonight, and i'll get to why in a minute.)

so, I regret spending SO MUCH TIME on Saturday with them because now I am peopled out. today is a day of rest (lol Sunday) and no people. at all. at least not in person. on the Internet is okay, I can never get tired of all my friends online. I just have a limited capacity for socializing in person.

so people
much tired

BUT...I get home and I remember: I haven't registered for any classes for next semester. my registration window opened on the 7th. my major is JAM-PACKED with freshies and sophies and all kinds of people trying to get into their last classes that they need. next semester is supposed to be my last semester... I doubted I was going to get enough credits, and now I know I won't.

I spent most of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday studying and freaking out over my make-up exam. then the rest of Friday was relaxing and hanging out with Ly. then it was Saturday and I was hanging with everyone and being on my date...pseudo-date? ....thing. AND NOW IT'S SUNDAY AND I REALIZE THAT I CAN'T MANAGE MY OWN FUTURE AT ALL AND I SUCK.

I didn't want to put this on plurk because wow Nruu shut up we don't care o m f g and I'm tired, sO TIRED, of complaining all the one reads these, right? right.

and anyway, my brother follows my personal tumblr, and he reads EVERYTHING I write. (which is super sweet and I love him to death) which is why I don't want to worry him. especially since it's partly about my boyfriend. awk...ward...

SO..........moral of the story is: don't let other people push you around and choose your future for you, because as they're deciding your present, your future is in their hands. and that's not cool. AND ALSO NRUU CAN'T MANAGE TIME WORTH SHIT and really needs to get her act together.

th...that is all... I just got a text and i'm sure it's from Ly and i'm not sure what i'm gonna do now. probably register for what classes I can (my father already put my next semester on his credit card and everything is horrible they can't afford shit right now) and then like. die.

the end
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