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i started listening to Danger Days again today, and i haven't listened to anything MCR for so long that i couldn't remember all the words to my favorite songs. so i decided to change that.

now, let me say that i don't care if they sold out for Danger Days or not. yeah, it's a wayyyyyy different sound than their stuff before, and they were barely rock alternative anymore by their end. but Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge is much rougher than Black Parade. their sound changed a bit between those albums. why couldn't they change their sound again? maybe they wanted a change of pace. and that pace was uppity, energetic, and different. I like it. I don't get why I'm in the minority.

for the record, The Black Parade was my favorite MCR song until Danger Days, so i'm not one of those new kids on the scene who are like "I was born in 2000 but i am SO A 90S KID, IT'S SO SAD!!!!" i finally got into them around their Black Parade era. before that, i thought they were "meh."

then Danger Days came around, and wow. i was hooked somethin' dangerous. (ha ha ha . . . laugh dammit, i'm hilarious)

BUT YES, it was the Fabulous Killjoys that sunk their beautiful teeth the deepest into my flesh. I got Frank's vest and bandanna, i wanted Gerard's gun and mask (i still don't have them :< my life is pain), and i started crafting my own Killjoy persona like all the other awesome losers who were in on the LIVE Killjoy extravaganza that was going on throughout the internet. the videos--fan-made and official--that flash radio, the security footage, the Bl/ind commercials and weather reports . . . all of it. everything i could get my hands on.

i felt like i was part of something.

i felt like i had friends i didn't even know.

i designed my own gun, and talked to other Killjoys.

and y'know what? it was great.

that album got me through my freshman year of college. listening to the album with my closest friend at the time, sitting on her lofted bed in her dorm room, two or three doors down from mine . . . singing along to Bulletproof Heart--and at "I'm shootin' out of this room, because I sure don't like the coooompany," i shot finger pistols at the wall separating me from my dorm room and my evil, inconsiderate, Mexican-princess-roommate Melissa.

it's an album about fighting for the right to live and enjoy life. it's an album about friendship. and that's what i think of every time i listen to it.

you know, other than the fanTASTIC story threaded into the lyrics and throughout the songs. this was a story that existed on a million other mediums, all running at once, all living in the same space and at the same time . . . an epic story that i wanted to be a part of.

every single one of the other songs on the album--that makes both Danger Days and Mad Gear and Missile Kid--have another story of my own tailing after the Killjoys' story. it means a lot to me. and I think it took real talent to write, record, create, and perform this world.

i've started the comic too, though i'm sad that the original Killjoys are still dead. there goes one of my theories . . .

now i have the demigods-and-friends across the world and Uncle Rick. i've re-realized that i'm a demigod. daughter of Athena and son of Hades. i finally feel like i'm part of something again.

i'll always be a demigod. same as i'll always be a Killjoy. my demigod life is stronger than my mortal life, and i'm more a demigod than i am a Killjoy. but it'll always be a part of me

that was my tooly semi-urge-poetic announcement of FEELS for the day

you may now return to your regularly scheduled bullshit


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