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the good thing about readyin' a roleplay account that you really reall ywanna use is that you're gettin closer to your goal and more likely to actually app because you're a sissy little twat

the bad thing is that you keep gettin this urge to watch the movie you're iconning from.

damn you Skandar Keynes /shakes fist

but really. i'm makin' a Nico di Angelo journal over here, and it's a lotta work. i have like, 200 icons chosen so far. 200! and a lotta them are kinda grubby and not very clear. i have that movie, I actually bought Prince Caspian, so...i could icon them and crop them how i want. but. BUT.
that's roughly 150 icons of work. that'll take me months. MONTHS. i'm so much better with editing black-and-white images, because for icons, i just overlay them with a layer of solid color and make it a certain setting to make it ~pretty~ like this

i'm particularly proud of that one. if you take it and are lost and actually reading this then credit me, it takes for-freakin-ever to make these, and the process is long and strenuous. an artist always likes credit for their work. THat was for Loki, btw. [personal profile] trickstrbeams I had him at LJ too, but...obviously i changed plans.


if you're lookin for somethin fun and PJO-y that is likely to not be active for another month, check out [personal profile] ognesperanza. I had especial fun editing his two banners.

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i probably shouldn't think of myself as fat, but i do.

so i'll post that here so that people who actually know me don't worry. rather than on my one-and-only home online . . .
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I think i finally get it. after, well enough people tease you for it, calling you something, and you start to wonder if you're exactly what they call you after all. Murderer, delinquent, queer... whatever it is, we tend to take on the roles we're given. in my case, at least for this, my nakama and my brother joked about it. they didn't mean anything by it, except maybe teme, but she wasn't meaning to be cruel. i think she was trying to show me, help me realize . . .

Awkward realizations about my self ahead. you've been warned )
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so just "good boy. you know me!" is enough to make me hurt. okay, that's cool... i'm not being replaced i'm not this is just a different quadrant she's filling i'm nnot beinng replaaced i'm nnot

another sad, dull update on my life: it took me like 6 tries to get into this account. i have too many passwords... i had to change it, and then directly afterwards i remembered what I had. bluh...

i need to make friends here on dreamwidth. anyone watchin' me here? or do i actually have to reach out... i need more Karkat icons. i wanna get a paid here, now that my LJ paid ran out...
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HI!!! I'm feeling much better now! i'm even capa-oh wait no i'm not. whoops. eheheheh!

well! i'm Thyme. or Royul. Or Nruu. Call me Nruu! i think i'll be settling pretty well inta dreamwidth cos they're not TOTAL DOUCHEBAGELS. ahem. anyway.

if ya knew me from LJ, hit me up! :D if ya didn't, STILL hit me up! if ya wanna chat, HIT ME. i have a hard head, and i like talking!

so. catching up in Homestuck. lesse... last thing i remember...

OH GOD PRETTY BIG SPOILERS GUYS from like 2 years ago )
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i'm usually more talkative. ah well. guess i'm not in the mood.

well, i guess i'll just toss this in here so my journal doesn't look so freakin sad. if you wanna hit me up or whatever, i don't care. i like talking or whatever.

so sup.


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