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Location:United States of America
my Favorite things--
Movie★The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Book☆Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Hero❅Jack Frost; Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III; Percy Jackson; Nico di Angelo; Annabeth Chase, Allen Walker, Naruto Uzumaki
Color✵Orange and blue--teal, to be exact
Thinngs❄Snow. Stars. The galaxy. Adventure. Dreams. The strength of those who believe. Mystery. Stories. Fun. Fantastical things. Fairytales. Blue boxes. Time travel. Friends. Platonic relationships. Bonds. Skirts. Comfortable, baggy clothes. Skater shoes. Baseball. Painting. Charcoal. Belief. Trust. The melody of logic always plays the notes of truth.

Runner-ups: The Lady & the Tramp, TLK, Rise of the Guardians, PJO: The Lightning Thief

this is my list from LJ, converted to dreamwidth, but less pretty. god, i still like LJ's blue theme more. (mourning)

★ Allen Walker [personal profile] showmystar status ・ on hold
✗ Loki [personal profile] trickstrbeams status ・ hold . . . (school)+(work)+(cosplay)=0*t where t=time4RP
♥ Ecchan [personal profile] remoekable status ・ ready for usefulness, Loki-chama!
♟ Heimdall [personal profile] sheered status ・ fuckin hold
π Minamimoto Sho [Dr. Pin] [personal profile] oversextillion status ・ m={hard, interesting}, l={stress}; fuck={m+l} figure out the union of these three sets
♯ Rhyme [personal profile] wasthesquirrel status ・ crying
☄ Laharl [personal profile] harlyharhar status ・ on hold
☄ Laharl [personal profile] harlieharhar status ・ hold
x Balto [personal profile] oftwodoggoneminds status ・ probably never but DAMN BALTO
» Aladdin status ・
☽ Cheshire Puss status ・
♨ Hatter [personal profile] madrighthook status ・
↻ Chip status ・
♡ Tom Hanniger status ・
¡! Shawn Spencer status ・
✎ Niwa Daisuke [personal profile] redonijesus status ・ looking for a foster home before CFUD
❜ Dark [personal profile] darklymischievous status ・ connected to Daisuke, so...
✉ William Frankenstein status ・
ω Izumi Konata status ・
ↀ Party Poison [personal profile] killjoysneverdie status ・ waiting for the never
✉ Gauche Suede [personal profile] sexyinsuede status ・ on hold
✧ Sen [personal profile] knitely status ・ on hold
™ Deadpool status ・ HAAAAAA still sittin on it like a bitchly bitch!
ڪ John Egbert status ・ my spirit animal and NOT RIGHT NOW FUCK GUYS
¤ Mao status ・ someday . . .
❄ Jack Frost [personal profile] icysickles status ・ on tumblr but. this is my real atmosphere. it suits me more. on hold tho
♇ Nico di Angelo [personal profile] ognesperanza status ・ in Camp
Loki Laufeyson [personal profile] onemisdirection status ・ in Camp
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III [personal profile] lostmyfooting status ・ in Camp
Lavie Head [personal profile] goathead status ・ in Camp

Interests (61):

all of them, all the kids, all the trolls, amy pond, anything fantastical, art, asl, avengers, batman, but i love marvel, creativity, dave strider, dc, disgaea, doctor who, dreams, everyone in doctor who, fairytales, fantasy, folklore, homestuck, horror movies, i'm a dc, imagination, jack frost, john egbert, johnlock, karkat vantas, karkat's my patron troll, knite, languages though i suck, legends, loki, loki (mlr), making friends, marvel, most mainstream anime, norse mythology, not talking, not thor, other stuff, painting, rise of the guardians, romcoms, rose lalonde, rose tyler, rotg, say "i love you", sherlock bbc, spicy food, spider-man, stars, stories, talking, tegami bachi, ten (tenth doctor), the cosmos, the perks of being a wallflower, thor (mlr), whatever, yuumei
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