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ughhhhh why am I so tireddddddddddd i only stayed up all night watching American Horror Story (season one) and fell asleep at 11am to my sadness and woke up at 4pm that's....what, five hours, right? totally healthy. that's all i'll need.

bluh i'm probably going to fall asleep during tagging tonight. WHATEVER WHATEVER LET'S GET IT ON

updates... Percy Jackson movie was. cool visually, horrible in every other aspect. although it had good points like MR. D and other things but y'know. um. i kind of want to do an in-depth review later but I always say that and i never do

i go back to the Midwest on the 19th and I really really don't wanna go despite the fact that my best friend and nakama is there practically dying without me. because if i leave she falls apart. it sucks being alone, i know, but... well, anyway. hah. I wanna stay on the east coaaaaast

Someday, New York, some day.

in other news, my cat's ears are bloody and red and losing fur. like he's got mange on his ears only. so. the vet's appointment is Wednesday I think let's just...hope the dog licking his ears all the time doesn't give him something too. UM. i think that's it.

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oops. i think i have a new favorite musical artist. Sam Tsui is great. i first heard him in "Make It Up," but i've just downloaded his album that goes with that song, and then i clicked open "Shadow" thinking 'oh hey it'll be a Nico song, shadows, cool'

i was wrong

i think

but damn his voice is great. --oh, nevermind. "your shadow is still there it's something i can't's still there from yesterday can you leave me alone, i'm trying to forget you" wait....... that's not right.... "when you took it all you forgot your shadow" okay...... Calypso? no, i'm trying too hard. ANYWAY

Sam Tsui officially ties with--no okay, he is second to Adam ... uh. Owl City. because Adam sings about all the things i love except for books, and it is great. and maybe keys. but the main, whimsical things that i love he loves too. and he writes songs about it! catchy, lovely, techno songs and i love it.

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in other news, bridesmaid dress shopping went way better than i expected. no one killed anyone even once! i didn't wanna punt Analise in the girlsack! and they only went wild grabbing dresses of their own choosing that the bride--my nakama, teme--would absolutely abhor in one store, and it's the one where we only liked one pair of boots, she and i, and she bought boots later that day anyhow and omg everything's coming together

also, update on my feelings: i've decided to just take what the world's given me. i'll play the hand i've been dealt, support her however i can, and just be whatever else she needs me. whatever he can't give her, i will. and whatever he does give her, i'll just give 103 fold better. he makes her miserable most of the time, but i'll keep her hating life less. it's the little things, really.

this is all i can do. and as long as i'm with her, i don't really care. i'd like to hold her, and leave my hand on her shoulder for a little longer than friends do, and kiss be allowed to stare into her beautiful hazel eyes and sappy stuff like that. but i can't. so I'll keep being her moirail, as pale as can be.

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in other news, i'm making eggs. sunny-side up. (which makes me thinko f Sunnydale)

in other other news, i really wanna watch Prince Caspian still. but i wanna see VoDT more. even though it was a horrible re-telling of the story... i mean, evil green mist? really? sighn, anyway...

i should be writing my synthesis paper and writing my exam. exam's two essay questions. stretched over two days. i really need to get goin o nthat.

sob jumps off the balcony
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man, writing apps is hard. just testing out some html here.

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the good thing about readyin' a roleplay account that you really reall ywanna use is that you're gettin closer to your goal and more likely to actually app because you're a sissy little twat

the bad thing is that you keep gettin this urge to watch the movie you're iconning from.

damn you Skandar Keynes /shakes fist

but really. i'm makin' a Nico di Angelo journal over here, and it's a lotta work. i have like, 200 icons chosen so far. 200! and a lotta them are kinda grubby and not very clear. i have that movie, I actually bought Prince Caspian, so...i could icon them and crop them how i want. but. BUT.
that's roughly 150 icons of work. that'll take me months. MONTHS. i'm so much better with editing black-and-white images, because for icons, i just overlay them with a layer of solid color and make it a certain setting to make it ~pretty~ like this

i'm particularly proud of that one. if you take it and are lost and actually reading this then credit me, it takes for-freakin-ever to make these, and the process is long and strenuous. an artist always likes credit for their work. THat was for Loki, btw. [personal profile] trickstrbeams I had him at LJ too, but...obviously i changed plans.


if you're lookin for somethin fun and PJO-y that is likely to not be active for another month, check out [personal profile] ognesperanza. I had especial fun editing his two banners.



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