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AHAHHAHHAAAAAAAA I DID IT. i actually did it! i told Ly's mom that i'm not coming for Thanksgiving. YATTAAAAAAAAAAA /DANCES i couldn't think of a god that would give a shit about courage except for Ares, and like hell i was gonna pray to Ares for a bit of courage, so! i sent a prayer to Aslan. and i texted her this loooooong, polite text. here, lemme put it here

Ah, actually, i thought it over. staying for only two days is pretty rude. Like an eat-and-run thing. id hate to inconvenience you guys and take your hospitality for granted. so i looked more closely at my budget, and i realizd i really dont have the money to drive there right now. so thank you for inviting me! but im afraid i cant come for Thanksgiving. im going to cook a turkey breast and make a pie for John and his family downstairs though. Theyve been really nice to me. I hope you and [Ly] and Wayne have a great Thanksgiving :)

BOOM. just like that. then she replied "Aw ok we still love you have a great turkey day"

they were freaking out about my only staying there for two days instead of the whole damn break, which is crazy, so i appealed to that. making it seem like their snooty attitudes were part of the reason i'm not coming. then they know that i live off of financial aid, so of COURSE i can't drive four hours to stay there for just two days, how silly of them to think so! how could they be so selfish, etc. etc. etc. and of course i thank them, because that's the polite thing to do, and means they can't respond meanly even if they're pissed off, because then they look bad. then i included my own plans, so they can't say i'm just going to sit here on my computer on Thanksgiving and do nothing. which, if i did, is none of their business, but they can't say that without proof now. and it makes me look independent and social. look, i'm making friends! there's a family i know here!

and i didn't make a single freakin' lie. except for the budget thing, because i COULD afford to drive there. but honestly, i'm saving a heckload of a lotta money by not.


so, there, that's a happy post. TAKE THAT JAE THIS ONE ISN'T DEPRESSING AND REALLY REALLY EMBARRASSING CRIES GROSSLY my plans for Thanksgiving and a good post i'm done out

Date: 2014-04-03 05:49 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] pussyfortono
did you really call me out in this post?


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