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finally bit the bullet and started Pottermore. thought i would finally solve the mystery of which house i'd be sorted into. i found the quiz online, off of the site, that asks you all the answers, rather than one from every category. i left that to have the experience of Pottermore, which i was sure would be amazing. and it was. the art, music, all of it--it was grand. i even got the ugliest wand known to man--Cypress with unicorn hair as the core, 10 3/4 inches, surprisingly swishy. the wand that chose me is as ugly as i am. lovely.

finally, after buying a cat--through long debate between a beautiful thorn owl and the black cat, because i love owls, and they're wonderful for sending letters, i chose a loyal friend, smitten with the image of a clever, coy black cat padding along the halls of Hogwarts with a small letter in his mouth--and after buying my cauldron and books, i entered Hogwarts. the moment of sorting had finally come. the questions were great, and i debated long and hard on them, making sure that i was making honest, true decisions. i reviewed my answers, steadfast in my choices, and hit "sort."

Hufflepuff. i'm a fucking Hufflepuff. i always thought i was Gryffindor, and I prided myself in that. i consider myself fairly brave, but not greatly so, and i'm definitely the hero type. i at least think like one, and i try to do the right thing when it comes to it. but it's just because i don't boast, isn't it? because I chose Trust instead of Glory for what i value most. i don't care much for glory, but trust is hard to find.

i'm not gonna lie here, there were a couple tears. it was cemented--i'm ordinary, and nothing special, and i should have chosen Worth as my Hogwarts last name instead of Rhys, because it's just as well that my entire life be as ironic as possible.

but then J.K., good ol' J.K. Rowling, regaled to me through the Hufflepuff prefect the true worth, meaning, and value of Hufflepuff House. i...guess it does suit me. i don't boast, or shove my weight around, and i'm easily underestimated. but when it comes down to it, i'll fight back tooth and nail, especially for my friends.

i just...the kitchens. and the badger. and the yellow and black. i'll feel like a bleedin' bumble bee. and the Common Room is a frickin' Hobbit Hole, that's what it is. which is...nice, but not what i was...expecting...from Hogwarts. i want big and loud and magical. but i suppose that small and quiet and lovely can be magical too. earthy, grassy, real. but the plants...hanging above my head...and the plants touching me... i don't like that! bugs, man!! bugs!!!! i'll get bugs in my hair!!!! ahhhhhhhh

this is turning out to be horrible. but hey. i finally know that i'm nothing special. (I chose, when pressed to answer which I value most in myself, Imagination.) maybe it'll turn out not all that bad. J.K. seems to think Hufflepuff has something to offer. but...god, i have enough reason for people to make fun of me. Hufflepuff, really? I have to make a name for myself from scratch, completely. at least if you're Gryffindor people respect you, at least a little. and then you already have a healthy rivalry with Slytherin. it's great! ugh...

so after all that, i took the online test that a fan had compiled with all the questions, rather than one each category.

i got Ravenclaw, with 48% in Gryffindor. really, Sorting Hat? Really? I mean, I'd trust J.K. over what a fan compiled, but still... ugh. i'd take Ravenclaw. (although they are a little too nose-turned-up for me, i think, but then a lot of Gryffindors are boastful, irritating assholes--i almost edited myself to write pricks and i held back, be grateful--and now i really want to actually finish a bleedin' Harry Potter book because i never get through them...


i was going to go back and just...create a new account, same name, only different, and try the test again. maybe choose the silver liquid instead of the fun, interesting and devastating golden liquid that created sunspots around the room, as fascinating and exhilarating as it is. ........yeah, i chose all honestly. which is what i realized, and i. if this was real, if this were real like i want it to be, if i were really at Hogwarts and i got sorted...well, there is no second chance. like J.K. said, what the Sorting Hat chooses is final.

ughhhhhh bring it on i guess... i'm sticking with it. I won't back down now. goddammit.


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